Why college graduates can’t get a job

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Hi guys I hope you are all keeping well?

I thought I should share some of the things I experienced while studying at the university.

I completed my undergraduate degree two years ago and I’m looking forward to starting my masters in September, I strongly believe it’s the right time for me to go back to university. It`s funny how so many people have asked me why I did not do my master’s degree straight after finishing my undergraduate. To be honest, I was really keen on securing a full- time employment because I wanted work experience in my field of study. How many people do you know who have graduated, are actually working in the field they studied?! It’s not easy getting a job the struggle is real.


Things you need to know about the University

Universities are failing to lay emphasis on the importance of gaining experience while studying. While you’re busy reading away, trying to prepare to ace those final year exams, tutors aren’t informing you on the importance of gaining work experience in your field while also studying. It is essential to have some sort of work experience before graduating as it put you to an advantage ahead of others.

Come on let’s face it, how many of you are tired of hearing “you don’t have enough work experience” or we gave the job to someone who is more experience than you”.

I personally feel that the educational system is a joke at times, you work so hard to achieve high grades but eventually, you don’t get the job you desire due to the lack of work experience.

Obstacle to break

You have to be good at something (aka skills) in order to contribute something of value to a company you must be proficient at something, whether it be computer skill, people skill, communication skills, technological skills etc. obviously depending on the field you studied and the job you are applying for.

Little or no work experience

FYI just so everyone knows that I’m speaking from my own personal experience. I know there are people out there who are going or have gone through a similar situation. Therefore, this may not apply to everyone.

If you are still in university and your course doesn’t involve work experience as part of the module, I would strongly advise you to use your time wisely. For all the first, second, and third-year university students reading this, don’t sit around and expect someone to tell you to go and apply for work to get experience or internship in your field. You have to put yourself out there, employers love students who are willing to work in exchange for work experience. It will all be worth it, do the hard work now and gain the rewards later.

For instance, in your first, second, and third-year summer break you can do a work experience/internships in the field of study, so that will give you leverage in securing a job in your final year.

Always keep in mind that jobs can lead to other jobs. You never know if the job you think is beneath you can lead to the job you want.

Never give up

I didn’t have any form of experience after I graduated. However, I was fortunate enough to get a job straight away. But I put in work to get the job, calling up recruiting agencies, booking meeting with consultants and walking into companies directly.  I’m pretty sure every single recruitment agencies in Dublin know me.

These are just short tips on things which you have to do in order to secure that job you want, that’s what worked for me.

Your career and future is in your hands. Good things come to those who work hard and never give up. Don’t be demotivated if you are unsuccessful at interviews. Keep going and keep hard at it.


A successful person once said, “Nothing worth having comes easy”.


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