La vie est un rêve à Bruxelles

Hi guys, recently I went to Brussels with my friend Debbie. It was a short trip as part of her graduation present. We flew from Dublin and it was only a two-hour journey. Thank Goodness, because any longer my ears would have popped.

I absolutely loved every moment in Brussels.

I enjoy a little getaway from time to time, they remind me to make the most of my youth, as life is too short. if you don’t enjoy yourself now, when will you? We stayed at the Hotel BRXXL5, it was quite modern and 5 minutes walk to Zuid-Midi station. Being so close to the station made it more convenient getting around the city.The staff in the hotel were really friendly and helpful.

On our first night, we just wanted a calm evening and to see the beautiful city of Brussels. As our hotel was located near central, it was easy to get into the city.

Day two involved a lot of sights seeing. The hotel was offering a complimentary tour guide as part of their service. So we decided to take it: it was too good of an offer to refuse. The tour guide gave us the opportunity to see the Heart of Bruxelles and gave us an insight into the history of the city.  We visited la grande place. It is an ironic square which holds private and public buildings. It is one of the most important landmarks in Belgium. In the evening, we had dinner at Belga Queen it was the most romantic thing ever! The restaurant was amazingly decorated, and their hospitality was beyond this world.

Day three we had a lovely breakfast at a small diner near our hotel. The food was so delicious!   In the afternoon I  took to the streets once again with Debbie we acted the tourists yet again and wanted to see more of the beautiful city. We saw the Manneken-Pis, which is a historical statue of a naked young boy peeing. We also managed to visit City 2  shopping mall and the Brussels town hall. My favorite out of everything was the  Maison du roi (King’s House) located in Brussels town hall. This place is one of Europe’s real Grand Places.  It is elegant and lively, and the architecture is incredible! it has lots of activity around the perimeter, filled with shops, bars, restaurants and small streets that smell of chocolate and vanilla. The best thing about this street it has loads of places nearby to get  €1 Belgian Waffles. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Had such an amazing time and would definitely visit again!

I hope you like the photos! X



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