Welcome back, I thought I’d share a few random things about myself which would give you a clear insight of what type of person I am.

In nature, I’m reserved and for those who don’t know me personally might even think I’m shy. However, once you get to know me I am not even close to the world shy.

1. If it’s not on sale then get it out of my sight 

I’m sure you’re thinking what this is all about, we’ll let me just explain this to you.  I love my good owl bargains. Every time I shop whether it’s online or in stores I somehow always end up not paying the full price for the item.  I’m either purchasing on sale or I always find a discount code to use, or I get to the counter and the item is already discounted (like can I get a witness?). Nothing makes me happier than knowing I purchased something that looks so expensive at an affordable price.

2.  I like it just ‘hot’ like fire

Coming from West Africa everything we eat is hot, you must throw pepper on everything, the Spicer the better! My favorite Nigerian dish is Tilapia Fish pepper soup! Especially when it makes my nose run. I know some of you can relate.

3.  I don’t drink alcohol.

People are often surprised and somehow confused when I tell them I don’t drink alcohol. Especially because I’m Irish (we love our Guinness) to be honest, I choose not to drink not because I can’t, I just prefer not to.

4. I say it like it is!

I don’t like to sugar-coat things, I am quite blunt, my friends often ask outfit advice from me because they know they will get an honest answer, i say things how it is but sometimes it might come across too harsh.

 5. I Don’t watch horror movies

I hate horror movies!! I cannot stand the feeling of being scared and I am very sensitive to frightful images. I’m usually that girl who will be shouting in the cinema I rebuke this in Jesus name.

6. Stammer like a hammer

Some people may not know but i stammer when i talk, i have developed a style that does not make it obvious, growing up people called me (stammer like a hammer)

7. Serious but a joker at heart

To other people, i come across too serious, but in reality, i just love a good laugh, my close friends would say I am a clown. I just love having a bit of banter.

8. I LOVE self-development books

For a while now I have been challenging myself to read more, and it’s making a huge difference in the way I think. These types of book inspire me with positive words and uplifting concepts. The book I’m currently reading now is “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill, this book is truly transformative and very practical. It is really about convincing yourself to become wealthy. It outlines the steps you need to take and the steps you need to avoid. Please do grab one if you find yourself shopping on Amazon or if you pop into Eason

9.  A few things I love

Hot destination holidays, female empowerment, my family, my Nigerian Jollof rice (Not Ghanian), and being organized.

10. ‘I want to be better’ ‘I want to achieve more’

This is not to say I’m not grateful for where I am now or the life I have been blessed with but I want to achieve more. I always feel there is a need for improvement. Where I am now is not where I see myself in a few years’ time. But I know I am getting there slowly by God’s grace. I always remind myself to be humble and grateful for the things I have and for those I don’t have yet. As life is a gift and one needs to appreciate it.

Deep Cuff Jumpsuit By Boutique: Topshop

Gold Sandals: Public desire

Gold Clutch (Similar): Asos

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  1. Love love love❤ you’re blog is wonderful and interesting and very exact!! I would like to add that there are many more facts such as loyal and loving friend and deeply considerate and respectful. Keep writing I’ll definitely be following

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